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    Fabric Structure
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Display Size
  1. 20FeetInline2
  2. 20FeetX20FeetIsland123
  3. 20FeetX30FeetIsland42
  4. Larger107

Exhibit Configuration
  1. Inline103
  2. Island267
  3. Peninsula8

  1. Yes17
  2. No258

Exhibit Elements
  1. Counters & Pedestals256
  2. Kiosks & Display Cases138
  3. Double Deck12
  4. Fabric Structure245
  5. Towers109
  6. Meeting/Conf. Rooms90
  7. Presentation Areas & Stages21
  8. Hanging Sign139
  9. Video Wall/Projectors2
  10. Backlit Elements67
  11. Slotwall Panels17

  1. Made in North America275Rental Product85

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  • GSI 20x20 Island

    GSI 20x20 Island

    Design #: 105230V2
  • Mobile Tec 20x30 Island

    Mobile Tec 20x30 Island

    Design #: 105188V2
  • Jarden Life Sciences 20x20 Island

    Jarden Life Sciences 20x20 Island

    Design #: 105166V3
  • Purolator 40x50 Island

    Purolator 40x50 Island

    Design #: 105087V11
  • M&M Intl 20x20 Island

    M&M Intl 20x20 Island

    Design #: 105034V3
  • Salt Water Tank Supplies 20x40 Island

    Salt Water Tank Supplies 20x40 Island

    Design #: 104386V2
  • Stibo Systems Modular 20x20 Island

    Stibo Systems Modular 20x20 Island

    Design #: 104346V3
  • Stibo Systems 20x20 Island

    Stibo Systems 20x20 Island

    Design #: 104346V2
  • Infinite Peripherals 30x30 Island

    Infinite Peripherals 30x30 Island

    Design #: 104202V1
  • Dinan 20x20 Island

    Dinan 20x20 Island

    Design #: 104084V4
  • Nimlok 40x40 Island

    Nimlok 40x40 Island

    Design #: 104033V1
  • CIP 20x20 Island

    CIP 20x20 Island

    Design #: 104020V1
  • Victor 20x20 Island

    Victor 20x20 Island

    Design #: 103964V3
  • Andronaco Industries 20x20 Island

    Andronaco Industries 20x20 Island

    Design #: 103903V1
  • Financial Force 20x20 Island

    Financial Force 20x20 Island

    Design #: 103787V2
  • Iris Software 20x30 Island

    Iris Software 20x30 Island

    Design #: 103653V3

97-112 of 275

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